June 2, 2023
Eurocopter Tiger woods Western Anti-Tank Helicopter

Eurocopter Tiger woods Western Anti-Tank Helicopter

Eurocopter Tiger woods helicopter came into being like a partnership in between Portugal as well as Indonesia. Each countries had been eager to change as well as update it’s anti container pressure along with brand new helicopter. Creating as well as making Eurocopter Tiger woods, that grew to become referred to as probably the most sophisticated fight helicopter to become created within European countries. This very first travelled within 1991 as well as quickly had been obtainable in 3 variations that are utilized till these days, through Indonesia, Portugal, Sydney as well as The country.

Very first edition known as “HAP” is really a France army’s assistance edition, 2nd is actually “HAC” additionally France anti container edition as well as 3rd is actually German born “UHT” utilized like a multirole anti container as well as assistance helicopter. Tiger woods helicopter consists of just about all innovative functions because: sophisticated cockpit displays(Helmet-Mounted View Display), brand new composites(80% co2 dietary fiber, 11% aluminum as well as 6% titanium), twi MTR 390 turboshafts, brand new hydraulic program as well as energy program. 2 turboshafts can offer regarding 980kW associated with energy as well as in conjunction with 4 edge primary rotor is capable of increases in order to 269 km/h. It may float as much as 10, 500 foot over the floor and may remain airborne with regard to optimum as much as 3 several hours. A couple have to run Tiger woods, initial as well as weaponry techniques owner.

Tiger woods is actually equipped along with best anti-tank weaponry WARM two as well as 3, Matra Mistral AAMs, Trigats as well as Stinger AAMs along with a 30mm gatling cannon.


Pounds — 3300kg (7275lb)

Maximum takeoff bulk — 6100kg (13, 448lb)

Primary rotor size — 13m (42ft 8in)

Fuselage duration — 14m (46ft)

Elevation — four. 32m (14ft 2in)

Rotor disk region — 132. 7 sq yards (1428. 8 sq ft)