May 27, 2024

Best ways to spend luxury summer holidays in Crete

When it comes to unique experiences, luxury hotels and places with unique views immediately come to your mind. Crete is a true holiday paradise with many port cities and luxurious accommodation facilities, where you can spend family holidays or have a private retreat. The Mediterranean sea, sun, and the developed Cretan infrastructure create perfect conditions for relaxation that can satisfy the pickiest demands of the guests. Golf clubs, spas, gourmet restaurants, and private yachts are all at your service.


If you want to immerse yourself in luxury during your summer vacation, we recommend you to consider this brilliant collection of luxury villas in Crete. Snow-white Greek villas will surprise you with the highest level of comfort ever possible. You can opt for a villa located next to the sea with its own white sandy beach and turquoise water. 

When renting a villa, you will undoubtedly get more personal space in your personal possession during your holidays. The design of the villas is usually more soulful and subtle than in a hotel and is replete with many cosy authentic details. Besides, for some people, staying incognito is a very important aspect of their vacation. In this case, a private villa is the best choice so that your vacation does not turn into an obstacle course.

It should be admitted that many villas have unique services you are unlikely to get in a hotel. For example, a villa can provide you with a personal cinema, a bar, a sauna, a spa pavilion, a pre-volleyball field. In addition, you can celebrate an important event here. And it will be a truly memorable occasion since the entire territory is at your disposal.

Is it better to contact an agency or organize everything on your own?

The private villa rental market around the world is growing every year. It can be observed in the well-known resources and numerous sites of local companies involved in the rental of luxury villas. But this market is quite specific. That’s why we suggest you to seek help from specialists. 

In case you decided to contact the rental company, all your problems will be resolved by an employee of the host company. This is the main advantage of contacting a specialized rental service. You are guaranteed to receive a full range of services. And you don’t have to deal with anything separately. At the same time, when booking a villa on your own, you will be the one responsible for the chosen option. In addition, the solution to the problems that may arise will be your concern during summer vacation. 


Being the pearl of Greece, Crete is a popular destination among the world’s celebrities and young people. Here you will find entertainment places for every taste. It has world-class cosmopolitan bars, trendy nightclubs, and luxury villas. You will find yourself in the cinema, with delicious smells of summer and sea breeze. First of all, you must clearly understand what you want from your vacation – whether it will be relaxation or a party with friends, a beach holiday or a trip for meditation. Whether you contact the agency or choose a luxury villa on your own, you will get the highest level of comfort and professional services in Crete.