April 19, 2024

Holidays in the Peloponnese

Luxury villas in Peloponnese are some of the bests in GreeceColorful villages and unique aromas of olive and citrus trees, herbs and flowers complemented the atmosphere of myths and legends. 


There is hardly a place on earth that can compete in the number of attractions. It is so full of ancient myths, legends and history that you feel like you can find a slumbering centaur in the shade of the trees.


Suffice it to say that such legendary places like Mycenae, Nafplio, Olympia, Sparta, Epidaurus, Corinth, Mystras, and Patras. Continue reading to get to know more about Luxury villas in Peloponnese.

Where to Rent Villas in Peloponnese?

Here are some of the top places to rent a villa. Mass tourism has not yet spoiled the area, so you can enjoy moments of privacy and relaxation.


It is the first region visited by travellers coming from Athens. It is possible to discover many ancient ruins in Corinth: the Long Walls, the Doric Temple of Apollo, and the Theater. In the same area, there is another famous city of antiquity — Nemea. Here are preserved the columns that stood at the temple of Zeus, the stadium where the favourite Nemean games were held.


It is one of the most attractive regions on the peninsula’s west coast. On the ruins of the ancient sanctuary of Olympia, the ritual of lighting the Olympic Flame takes place before the modern Olympics, which the athletes then take to the site of the Games.


It is an area in the southwestern part of the country with an administrative center in Kalamata. The area boasts the ruins of the ancient city of Messinia and, near the village of Englianos, the ruins of the house of the hero of the Trojan War, the legendary elder Nestor, whom contemporaries called for his wisdom “the great glory of the Achaeans.” The house was built in the XIII century BC and burned one century later. The fortress of Paleokastro, one of the most attractive, is situated in the southwestern part of Chora.


South region with the center at Sparti, home of the fearless Lacedaemonians. Ruins of the acropolis and the tomb of King Leonidas from ancient Sparta have survived.


It is the eastern area, with Nafplion as its administrative center, which, after regaining independence, was, for a time (1828-34), the capital of Greece. The gems of this area are Mycenae, Argos and Epidaurus.

Weather and Beach Vacations

The climate is typically the Mediterranean, with warm, rainy winters and hot, arid summers. Although temperatures can reach more than 35 °C during the summer, the gentle trade winds take care of the heat.


Beach recreation is one of the main attractions. You should not come here anytime during the summer and enjoy the beautiful beaches all around Peloponnese. Its beauty is inherited from nature, and its purity is preserved in the absence of large resorts. Sandy and pebbly beaches, hidden coves, bays and wide strips of white sand, many kilometres long, are all to be found on the peninsula.