July 14, 2024

Paradise Getaway On Luxurious Crete Private Villas

Looking for island holidays and hesitate about what destination to choose? Crete is just the thing. The island will make you love it with its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking mountain and sea views, catchy beaches, colorful villages, and delicious local food. To experience Crete’s charm completely, renting a private villa is a must.

There is a wide variety of Crete villas for every taste and purse, but luxurious ones are out of competition. You will certainly find here the estate meeting your vacation goals and special wishes. Of the numerous villa types’ diversity, family, seaside and eco-friendly ones are currently in high demand. So, let’s explore what luxury private villas of each kind are worth visiting.

Epavli (Family Villa)

If you are going on vacation with your big family, this two-floor villa hosting 12 persons is a perfect choice. Located on the Crete north coast by the sea among lush greenery, Epavli provides you with high privacy and breathtaking landscapes. Moreover, the villa is a 15 km ride from the ancient city Heraklion, where you and your family may visit different exciting historical sights and museums. 

Besides, Epavli has private access to the sea. So if you are bored swimming in your infinity pool and enjoying the sun on the extensive terrace, crystal-clear blue seawater is arm’s length. Moreover, living in this villa, your evenings will never be colorless. Nearby winery and plenty of authentic local tavernas will help you feel the exceptional taste of Crete. Although Epavli looks like a quiet harbor, it has many entertainments to offer. So, do not hesitate to delight your nearest and dearest with this villa getaway.

Palace (Seaside Villa)

Like to holiday like royalty? This stunning villa will help you luxuriate to the fullest. Palace covers the main villa and a separate cottage, so 16 guests will definitely accommodate there with comfort. A large heated pool, stunning Aegean sea view from bedrooms’ panoramic windows and incredible flora at every turn can’t help but enchant.

Being a 10-minute drive from the deluxe resort, Elounda, you may experience memorable moments. Many luxurious beaches with activities like yachting and snorkeling, fancy bars and restaurants are at your disposal. Moreover, this one of the most luxury villas in Crete is an ideal spot for romantic holidays. Besides Crete’s scenic beauty and high privacy, couples will find a near fabulous stone chapel where they may easily tie the knot. So, you can kill two birds with one stone by renting such accommodation.

Rea (Eco-Friendly Villa)

It is just a finding for environmentally conscious travelers. Completely built with natural materials like stone and wood, Rea will bring you to medieval Crete. This luxurious two-villa estate, each having infinity pools, jacuzzi, BBQ and even a game room, is ready to welcome up to 12 guests. State-of-the-art interior combined with high-tech amenities will make your vacation the most comfortable ever.

Situated on the hillside in the village area, picturesque Aegean Sea views will constantly amuse your eye. Since the well-known Loutraki Beach is within foot distance, you can’t miss visiting it, especially at night, when nightlife flourishes. It’s not surprising that Rea belongs to the Signature Portfolio, as its qualitative service and high-level privacy speak volumes.


Crete is one of the most adored holiday destinations due to its captivating natural beauty and ancient historical sightseeing. Numerous Crete villas welcome vacationers around the globe to show the island’s peculiarities. Look up our hottest villas options, rent the best-fitting one and join satisfied travelers’ ranks.